Nothing is too far for him, nothing is too much, nothing is out of reach, which Curry is proving every game now. He carried the Warriors into the Western Conference finals Friday; he closed out the Memphis Grizzlies with one incredible swish; now the Warriors are only eight victories away from a title. But it was one super-sized 3-pointer that underlined everything and spelled out exactly where Curry is headed. It came in the last second of the third quarter, with Memphis rallying back and the FedEx Forum crowd roaring. They make those kind of shots. Curry gathered the ball with about a second left, took one calm step, fired the ball with a big flick of his wrists, the buzzer sounded in midflight … and swish.

The Warriors have already won over 70 games in a season … kind of

Would that do? The sight of Hernandez leaping from the mound and lifting his foundering franchise for a day was delightful. It brought home thoughts that a game like this had been inevitable for someone so talented, writes Steve Kelley in The Seattle Times. Sure, perfect games now seem to pop up so frequently you might use them as reminders to change the oil in your car, as Tim Brown writes on Yahoo.

On a recent podcast, San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami shared an outrageous story involving him, Jed York, Jed York’s wife.

If you thought the start of this Warriors road trip was a threshold event for the franchise and its coach, you were not nearly alone. Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob thought so, too, and what he thinks carries some amount of weight in this whole process. Now need to follow through against New Orleans. The Warriors won with defense, with aggression, with some attitude, and won in a way that solidified their hold on a Western conference playoff spot with only a handful of weeks left in the regular season.

This moment, by the way, comes as the front office is analyzing its roster for the stretch run and — you would have to assume — beginning to judge its long-term coaching future. Jackson has done strong work with the Warriors since his arrival in , and the Warriors are on track to make the playoffs for the first time since Jackson has had to re-integrate Andrew Bogut, re-calibrate when Bogut went out again, then put Bogut back out there one more time, while juggling several defensive liabilities in his main core.

Joe Staley Injury: Updates on 49ers OT’S Leg, Likely Return Date

To hear the story, skip to the minute mark below. Tim is not a Niner hater. Is he wrong about any of that?

SAN FRANCISCO — They whooped and bellowed, but later Jim By Tim Kawakami San Jose Mercury News; Sunday, December 8,

And finally, in the wee hours of this chaotic and cathartic day, the 49ers circled back and beat the Patriots on Sunday, anyway. Through the rain, the sleet, the fumbles, and an epic 49ers second-half collapse, through everything. They did all this, survived the panic and near-humiliation, and came out the other side as legitimate Super Bowl favorites.

What a game, though it actually seemed like four or five games, with about 10 different climactic endings. Coach Jim Harbaugh, his voice frayed by the cold and the rampaging emotions, lauded his players for handling the pressures of such a giant test. But we made more. The 49ers defense turned over Tom Brady, their offense marched down the field, and they had a young quarterback who survived a bout of the dropsies to coolly lead them to a lead.

Governor Ige approves Mayor Kawakami’s request to safely reopen bars and bar top services

The overwhelming story of the NBA season has been the Golden State Warriors’ historic play and, as a result, the chase of the Chicago Bulls’ regular-season record. At , the Warriors are actually one game ahead of the Bulls, who were at this point in their season. The Warriors simply have to go a win pace the rest of the way to match the Bulls’ record, and roughly a win pace to eclipse it by one game. It’s certainly difficult, though not impossible.

The Warriors are currently on pace for about 75 wins, so the record is obviously reachable. And frankly, they’ve already won plus games before

By San Jose Mercury News and Tim Kawakami | In fact, over their last 82 regular-season games dating to February , the Warriors are .

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Warriors Push Back Target Date for San Francisco Arena

Kawakami: The 49ers were right to stay patient with Reuben Foster, and yes, I was wrong to push for his release. Press ‘Enter’ to see all results. Most Recent Stories. AFC East. AFC North.

By San Jose Mercury News, San Jose and Tim Kawakami | like another potential trade destination but to date haven’t jumped into the mix.

Governor Ige approve Kawakami to safely re-open more businesses, operations or activities under guidelines that will ensure the health, safety and welfare of the people of Kaua’i county, effective June 16, Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. News Break Governor Ige approve WPXI Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania 1d. Wolf supports legalizing marijuana in Pa. He said he wants to cancel or reduce the alcohol tax for six months as well.

The Associated Press reports Wolf wants to slash the tax to let businesses buy alcohol at cost from the state, and he said it would help restaurants and bars. CBS Pittsburgh.

According to Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mer

Michigan opens spring practice next month. He was asked if he has moved past the tough losses, including a double-overtime loss to Ohio State to end the regular season. Jim Harbaugh: Paul Finebaum wants to see me fail. Glad we lost them. Maybe that will make us better. Maybe that will be the thing that will push us and motivate us to do a better job as coaches and players.

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The matchup is set, the travel plans are booked, the next opponent is circled, and the objective is now delectably simple for the 49ers. An entire season, and the hopes of a huge and hungry fan base, has boiled down to two and only two things:. And certainly not after coach Jim Harbaugh unveiled quarterback Colin Kaepernick as an all-purpose postseason colossus.

In fact, this feels like Harbaugh has coordinated and arranged the entire scenario, placing his leading man into the perfect spot at the perfect time for maximum impact. The 49ers defense has been ready for this for a couple of years, just waiting for an offense to match. And now Kaepernick has electrified the 49ers and shown he can score from any spot, with his legs or his arm, just in time for this two-game sprint.

This week, the challenge is directly on Atlanta, which barely scraped by against Seattle in the Georgia Dome on Sunday, and now faces the Kaepernick Crucible. Without Abraham at full speed, can Atlanta slow down Kaepernick? It will have to, or he could easily repeat what he did Saturday — total yards, including rushing yards, the most by a quarterback in any game in NFL history.

It still could, of course, all go up in flames for the 49ers, who have lost their last five road playoff games dating back to the early s. The 49ers were in domes this season, losing in Minnesota with Alex Smith at quarterback and St. Louis with Kaepernick and winning in New Orleans with Kaepernick. This is when the mad rush of a season seems to slow down, every moment is heightened, and the Super Bowl is so close that an entire franchise — and fan base — has to calm itself.

The 49ers are only two trips and two victories away, and that is always the most nerve-racking part of all.

Tim Kawakami of San Jose Mercury News Talks Draymond Green-Centric Locker Room Issues – 2/27/7