We all deserve happiness, and for many, finding a romantic “happily ever after” is part of that dream. That desire is what makes checking horoscopes a harmless guilty pleasure, romantic comedies a popular genre, and romance novels a summer staple. And many people of Indian ancestry, including me, were truly excited to see cultural representation via Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking , because Indian girls dream about their own weddings, too. Set partially in India and partially in the United States, this eight-episode reality series is centered around “motivated” matchmaker Sima Taparia, whose self-proclaimed destiny is to find suitable matches for eligible young Indians. As a concept, Indian Matchmaking idealizes an important life event, marriage, promising that familial approval of a spouse will provide lifelong happiness. It recommends one matchmaker, advocating that such a concierge service greatly improves one’s chances of finding a compatible partner. Clips of couples united via arranged marriages many of whom are celebrating decades of marital bliss attempt to legitimize and build viewer confidence in the show. Some viewers say Indian Matchmaking shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as evidenced by the eruption of memed moments on social media. Some find comfort in familiar conversations about yoga, chai rituals, and Bollywood dancing.

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In an age of dating apps and websites, finding love can feel a lot like full-time job—and that’s where Sima Taparia, the star of Netflix’s new reality show, comes in. Indian Matchmaking follows Taparia as she matches hopeful singles in the U. A so-called “marriage consultant,” Taparia relies on singles‘ said preferences, their parents’ preferences yep , and her years of matchmaking experience to set up successful couples.

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If only finding your one true love were easy as The Fiddler in the Roof made it out to be. There’s swiping and liking, speed-dating, exclusive parties and clubs, and an app for every type of single. Yet with so many options, why do we still complain that dating is more challenging, competitive, and romantically ADD than ever? For a little optimistic guidance in preparation for Valentine’s Day, we turned to eight well-known matchmakers from across the country to help us with the most basic question: What’s your top advice for singles struggling to find love?

People should go on Bumble and other sites as practice. Matchmakers are clearly the best option, and the vetting is already done. It just takes one, and you never know where that person will come from. Just be clear about it and say ‘I’d love to see you again. This has been a lot of fun. Just get out there and meet new people! See where those interactions and feelings take you.

Keep in mind what you find or don’t find attractive in each date. Finding your counterpart is an iterative process.

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Sima Taparia is the matchmaker featured on Netflix’s new dating show, Indian Matchmaking. A lot of viewers have questions about the price of.

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One of Netflix’s newest reality series Indian Matchmaking gives viewers a glimpse into the world of arranged marriages and Indian culture. Specifically, the show, which was filmed in , follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia and her partner-seeking clients as they navigate the tricky world of dating and compatibility. While the show has been met with notable criticism and sparked important conversations about colorism, casteism, and sexism, the series has quickly become a popular watch on the streaming service.

After seeing all eight episodes, many are left wondering what happened to the stars after the cameras stopped rolling. In case you’re curious, here’s an update on where each of Sima’s clients are today, and whether or not they’ve since found love after Indian Matchmaking :. One of the first individuals introduced on Indian Matchmaking , the Houston native appears to be living her best single life today.

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